A. Conduct – At the Track:

1. Driver is not only responsible for his/her conduct but ALSO for the conduct of ALL of his/her Pit Crew Members!

2. NO Driver, Pit Crew Member, or Team Owner can go to the Track Promoters Office(Dan) to file any type of complaint or grievance UNLESS they have gone through the proper protocol of FIRST consulting with the Pit Stewart!

3. NO Driver or Pit Crew Member will be allowed in the Scoring Tower without the permission of the Track Promoter!

4. Any Driver, Crew Chief, Car Owner, or Team Representative that has been requested to be summoned to the Pit Stewart Office for a consultation with Track Officials who does not comply with the request will be subject to a fine, suspension, or any other action deemed appropriate by the Track Promoter.

5. The use of any type of signaling lights or apparatus by a Crew Member is strictly prohibited! Violators will be given one verbal warning. After that, the Driver is subject to disqualification from the race or possibly the entire event!

6. NO Driver will be permitted to compete or participate in any racing events while under the influences of alcohol or illegal substances! If a driver is found to be participating in such a manor, an immediate suspension will be invoked!

7. Any Driver or Pit Crew Member who refuses to abide by these rules will be subject to monetary fines, suspensions, and removal of the speedway grounds by any means necessary!

8. Any Driver or Pit Crew Member who does not show proper respect to the Track Promoter, Owner, Officials, or Personnel will be asked to leave the speedway grounds! Continual disrespect and disparaging remarks towards the Track Promoter, Owner, Officials, or Personnel OR THE SPEEDWAY ITSELF could be considered as grounds for the Car, Driver, and Team Owner to be banned from all racing events during the current race season! Depending upon the severity of the infraction, Driver will forfeit all points for the current race season until all fines are paid and the Track Promoter is satisfied that the parties involved will act respectfully.

Disciplinary Actions:
• First offence – $100 fine & one week suspension.

• Second offence – $250 fine, two week suspension, & loss of 100 driver points.
• Third offence – $500 fine, banned for remainder of race season, & loss of ALL driver points.

B. Conduct – Social Media:

1. PLEASE NOTE: Dog Hollow Speedway recognizes your right to express your opinions, good or bad, on social media. However, all Drivers, Pit Crew Members, and Team Owners must be advised that any type of threat or disparaging remarks against Track Officials, Personnel, or any other Drivers or Pit Crew Members WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED!

2. Any action by a Driver or Pit Crew Member that appears to be the execution of a threat will result in penalties via suspension and/or fines against the Driver or Car Owner. REMEMBER the Driver is responsible for the conduct of all of his/her Pit Crew Member!

3. Any Driver or Team Owner that disparages Dog Hollow Speedway in any publication (including messages boards, social media, etc.) maybe suspended for a minimum of two events and/or fined or suspended for the rest of the race season!

Social Media Disciplinary Actions:
• First offence – Maybe suspended for a minimum of one event and/or $100 fine.

• Second offence – $250 fine, two weeks suspension, loss of 50 driver points.
• Third offence – $500 fine, banned for remainder of race season, loss of ALL driver points.