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 **NOTE: These prices are for a Regular Show!**
*Special events will have increased General Admission & Pit Pass Prices!*

General Admission – $13

Seniors 60 & older – $11

Students 13 – 17 – $8

Kids 7 – 12 – $5

kids 6 & under – Free

Pit Pass – $30

Children’s Pit Pass (10 & Under) – $15

Note: Any youth under the age of 18 must sign a “Minors Release” to enter the Pits.

                                       Family Package                                       

Option #1 – (2 Adults, 3 Children 7-12) - $40
*Includes 3 hot-dogs & 3 drinks (Soda or Water)*

Option #2 - (2 Adults, 2 Children 7-12) - $35
*Includes 2 hot-dogs & 2 drinks (Soda or Water)*

Rain Check Policy:

NO rain checks will be honored through out the rest of the season if all class qualifying heat races HAVE been completed and the show must be postponed; that nights racing will be considered complete! The rained out feature races will be rescheduled when possible. If all qualifying heat races ARE NOT completed, then rain checks WILL be honored through out the rest of the season.
NO REFUNDSALL Wrist Bands & Tickets will be used to be re-entered into the rescheduled event at no additional charge! If a special event is scheduled, a rain check can be used as long as customer pays the difference between regular price and special event price.

Note: If a special event is cancelled for any reason and the event is re-scheduled, there will be no refunds.

Contact Info:

DMS Motorsports - (814) 502-8898.

DMS Motorsports –