In 1996, James (Jim) Michny began construction of a 4/10-mile clay dirt track 4 miles outside of Strongstown, PA. Two years later, Jim with the help of his brother John opened the track under the name Dog Hollow Speedway in the spring of 1998.

Logos used from 1998 – 2013

Over the years the track ran Friday night racing events hosting just about every class of cars as well as special racing events including the World of Outlaws Late Model Series in 2011. Super Late Model drivers Sammy Stiles and track record holder Shawn ‘Sheetz’ McGarvey raced at Dog Hollow for many years. Both drivers still hold records that remain untouched. Jim’s right hand man Terry ‘Mole’ Bassaro played a very important role throughout Dog Hollow’s past. Terry did a wide assortment of tasks from track maintenance, concession stand work, public relations and marketing. He became involved with all types of race cars at the track but he especially loved the Crate Late Model class even helping local Crate Late racer Mike Laughard for many years. Terry sadly passed away in early 2017. His hard work and dedication will always remain an important chapter of Dog Hollow Speedway’s history.

Current Logo (2021)