The Points System: Please read the entire layout!

Feature Race Points                                                                

25 cars or more           1st place – 100pts
Decrease by 4 points –  2nd place – 96pts
Decrease by 4 points –  3rd place –  92pts
Decrease by 4 points –  4th place –  88pts
Decrease by 4 points –  5th place –  84pts
and so on for each finishing position.

25th place or more will receive last place points, 4, throughout the rest of the field.

Heat Race Points                                                                      

Points are only awarded to the first 3 finishing positions in each Heat.
1st place – 3pts
2nd place – 2pts
3rd place – 1pt
4th place – 0pts
5th place – 0pts

These points are then added to that drivers Feature Race points.
A driver finished 1st in his Heat Race – Awarded 3pts
He or she then finished 4th in his or her Feature Race – Awarded 88pts
That drivers total number of points will be – 91pts

*2019 Points Leaders*

As of August 16th, 2019

* Super Late Model: 38L Mike Laughard *
* RUSH Crate Late Model: 99s Tim Snare *
* 358 Semi Late: 11 Chad Helman *
* Pure Stock: 51 Brad Benton *
* Four Cylinder: 14D  Dylan Young *
* Four Cylinder (Rookie): 92 Bryant Matthews *

*OVERALL 2019 Points Standings*

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