Posted: June 4th 2018

Clarification of class rules. “This past weekend the 5L car of Jon Lee who races in the 358 Semi Late class who also drives the #61 Super Late Model owned by Rick Peterman, raced in both 358 Semi Late and Super Late Model classes. Let me clarify some misinformation that has consumed social media over the weekend. Dog Hollow Speedway has allowed a driver to compete in two classes since 2014. Both Dog Hollow Speedway & Thunder Mountain Speedway run under Hummingbird Speedway’s 358 Semi Late rules. In the Spring of this year, I informed the tech department of Hummingbird Speedway of our existing rule as well as an adjustment in the Spoiler rule for 358’s running a 602 crate motor that they can run a 12” spoiler. I was informed that there would be no changes in either areas for the 2018 race season. I decided that the spoiler rule would be implemented at Dog Hollow and Roaring Knob Speedway after confirming with owner Rick Jones that they would be following our rules. As pertaining to the dual driving clause, that was simply a clerical mistake of not clarifying Dog Hollow Speedway’s position at the same time we clarified the Spoiler rule.” If you have any questions, please contact Dan Savino by phone at (814) 502-8898.

Thank you, Dan