Posted: May 30th 2018

To all Pure Stock Race Teams at both Marion Center Speedway & Clinton County Speedway. Now that Dog Hollow Speedway has announced that we will be racing as a Saturday Night Track, we have decided to allow the Pure Stock Classes from both tracks to compete on a weekly basis as long as these cars adhere to Dog Hollow Speedway rules with specific attention to the following:

  1. Shocks must remain in stock location!

  2. Weight Requirements:
    • All cars that do not meet the 358 cubic inch threshold must weigh a minimum of 3,250 lbs w/o triple disc and 3,350 lbs with triple disc.
    • All cars that do meet the 358 cubic inch threshold that have been pumped and sealed, will have a weight break. Must weigh a minimum of 3,100 lbs w/o triple disc and 3,200 lbs with triple disc.
    • Cars running a 602 crate engine must weigh 2,900 lbs w/o triple disc and 3,000 with triple disc.
    • *All weights are based after the feature with the driver!

  3. Rev Limiter Box is mandatory with a 6800 RPM chip: MSD PN #8728 Soft Touch Rev Control. Track provides the chip!
    • DHS highly recommends the continual use of the Rev Limiter as engine protection for unforeseen situations where the box can prevent over revving that could lead to engine failure.

  4. Tires: Open Compound.

  5. Engines: *See section 26, 29 & 31 of the 2018 DHS Pure Stock Rules!
    Click Here for Pure Stock Rules: