Posted: October 16th 2017

After a very productive meeting with the Pure Stock class this past Saturday, Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce some of the updates that will take place in the 2018 season for the Pure Stock division.

1. All cars will be required to have a Rev Box Limiter with a 6800RPM chip.
2. Dual Master Cylinders will be allowed! (No brake bias!)
3. Weight Jacks will be allowed (Rear only!)
4. Medium or harder compound tires only! (All 4 tires!)
5. No grooving or siping allowed!
6. No grinding of specs on tire sidewalls!
7. No Heims allowed on shocks!
8. Maximum 16inch rear springs
9. No offset bushings or Mono Balls
10. Trucks will be allowed to run in the Pure Stock class! Example: S10′s, Ford Rangers, & Dodge Dakotas. Maximum size of truck will be 1/2 ton pickup.
11. Station Wagons will be allowed to run in the Pure Stock class.

Please Note: These are the bulk of the changes that will be implemented in the Pure Stock Rule book. Please stay tuned as these changes will be listed within the next couple of weeks!