Posted: October 6th 2017

In a continual effort to provide the best possible outcome that can occur during a racing incident. Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce that the Pine Township Volunteer Fire Department will now have the latest state of the art technology that will allow them to put out any fire that exists with the latest foam on the market.

This foam will work on Gas & Diesel fires as well as Race Fuel fires including Alcohol! The knock down rate on this product is 40% faster than any other foam fire suppressant on the market. This product has been thoroughly tested during 2 fire simulations that took place at the Pine Township Proving Grounds and witnessed by Dan. Also, the fire company will have a state of the art inferred monitor to be able to see what the naked eye cannot see!

For all our Race Fans planning on attending future races at Dog Hollow Speedway, be assured that the Pine Township Volunteer Fire Department will have this product amongst their fire fighting equipment!