Posted: June 13th 2017

After a thorough review of the Marion Center Speedway Pure Stock rules, Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce that the MC Pure Stocks will be allowed to compete at Dog Hollow Speedway for payout and trophies only. No points will be given!

The following condition’s for the MC cars to run will be as follows:
• Cars must run a 500CFM Holley 2 Barrel Carburetor.
• Cars must weigh 3,250lbs with Driver after Feature Race (WITHOUT Triple Disc Clutch) OR 3,350lbs with Driver after Feature Race (WITH Triple Disc Clutch).
• Please Note: NO adjustable weight jacks will be allowed! Any cars that meet DHS specification will be permitted to run a 4 Barrel Carburetor but must also meet standard DHS weight rules.

If you have any questions pertaining to this post, please contact Dan Savino at
(814) 502-8898.