Posted: May 30th 2017

To all Pure Stock Drivers & Team Owners as well as our great racing fans! Dog Hollow Speedway Track Promoter Dan Savino and Track Owner Rick Jones of Roaring Knob Speedway are pleased to announce the creation of the North vs South Pure Stock Shootout Series! This series will be comprised of Pure Stocks running at both tracks on Friday and Saturday evenings that will involve a points system and monetary awards! The monetary awards will be given to the top 5 finishers to have the highest percentages of average finishes. First place will pay a $350, second place will pay $250, third place will pay $200, forth place will pay $125, & fifth place will pay $100. As a special bonus to the first place winner, two BRAND NEW tires will be given away! PLEASE NOTE: We will also be having a special race at the end of the season at both Dog Hollow Speedway on Friday night as well as Roaring Knob Speedway on Saturday night. Stay tuned as more information will be coming soon.