Posted: May 2nd 2017

To all Pure Stock Drivers, Team Owners & Fans. “Over the past couple of years, Teching has been called into question at Dog Hollow Speedway especially when it pertains to the Pure Stocks. At the beginning of this year I announced that through a lot of hard work we have finally put together what I consider to be an A+ team when it comes to our Teching Department. Matt Fulton as the Director of Tech, John Eckenrod hired by Lias Tire to tech their C.A.R.S Series, and John Yasika working throughout our Tech Department.”

Below are the results from two of our Pure Stock Drivers:

Kyle Smith Jr. #42(Results as of 4/28): 355/cubic inch engine pumped, cam checked, and sealed: *LEGAL*

Brad Benton #51(Results as of 4/28): engine pumped, had technical issue pertaining to pump.
Engine was re-pumped on 5/2 shown to be 358/cubic inch, cam lift was LEGAL, teching done by John Eckenrod witnessed by Dan Savino, heads illegal (new 180cc heads ordered!)

“We will continue on a weekly basis to tech as many cars as possible to ensure that all cars are abiding by the rules.

Also on a side note: If any racer has any questions, comments or concerns, my phone number is always open and available. I would appreciate a phone call instead of writing garbage on Facebook before you have been informed. This will save a lot of apprehension & rumors that do nothing but create confusion and mistrust.”

- Dan Savino – (814) 502-8898