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Posted: December 7th 2017

To all the Great Racing Community that has been very supportive of Crate Late Model driver Joe Moyer, Track Promoter Dan Savino would like to give a quick update on Joe’s progress.

“As you all may be aware, Joe Moyer suffered several heart attacks that lead to open-heart surgery. He is currently in recovery after the surgery. I was fortunate enough to spend some time today to talk with Joe on the phone. After his most recent follow up with his doctor, Joe’s progress is very slow due to the severity of his condition. His road to recovery is going to take a little longer than he had hoped but his prognosis is good as long as he follows doctors orders. At this time, Joe is mostly home bound with minimal activity. He expressed to me how overwhelmed he was by all the positive responses that he received on social media and the genuine concern for his health. Joe also told me that he has a lot of free time on his hands and would enjoy any Fans or Racers to give him a call and chat. Finally, Joe wants to thank everyone for supporting him at this very challenging time of his life and he also wants to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Joe can be reached at (814) 934-5857 between 11am and 8pm.”
- Track Promoter Dan Savino


Posted: October 16th 2017

After a very productive meeting with the 358 Semi Late class this past Saturday, Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce that there will be no major changes to the class. We will continue to follow the Hummingbird Speedway Rules format. We will have some clarifications in the rule book within the next 2 weeks.


Posted: November 6th 2017

To all of our great Race Fans. Over the last several weeks, we have had several inquiries pertaining to the Super V6 Late Model Raffle Tickets. We just spoke with the owners of the series and as we were all hoping to chance off the car at the end of this season, the ticket sales have not allowed that just yet. There are approximately 130 tickets remaining of the 350 total. Raffle tickets will continue to be sold during the off season. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please contact TRD Racing, Inc at 724-822-1604.


Posted: October 16th 2017

After a very productive meeting with the Pure Stock class this past Saturday, Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce some of the updates that will take place in the 2018 season for the Pure Stock division.

1. All cars will be required to have a Rev Box Limiter with a 6800RPM chip.
2. Dual Master Cylinders will be allowed! (No brake bias!)
3. Weight Jacks will be allowed (Rear only!)
4. Medium or harder compound tires only! (All 4 tires!)
5. No grooving or siping allowed!
6. No grinding of specs on tire sidewalls!
7. No Heims allowed on shocks!
8. Maximum 16inch rear springs
9. No offset bushings or Mono Balls
10. Trucks will be allowed to run in the Pure Stock class! Example: S10′s, Ford Rangers, & Dodge Dakotas. Maximum size of truck will be 1/2 ton pickup.
11. Station Wagons will be allowed to run in the Pure Stock class.

Please Note: These are the bulk of the changes that will be implemented in the Pure Stock Rule book. Please stay tuned as these changes will be listed within the next couple of weeks!


Posted: October 6th 2017

In a continual effort to provide the best possible outcome that can occur during a racing incident. Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce that the Pine Township Volunteer Fire Department will now have the latest state of the art technology that will allow them to put out any fire that exists with the latest foam on the market.

This foam will work on Gas & Diesel fires as well as Race Fuel fires including Alcohol! The knock down rate on this product is 40% faster than any other foam fire suppressant on the market. This product has been thoroughly tested during 2 fire simulations that took place at the Pine Township Proving Grounds and witnessed by Dan. Also, the fire company will have a state of the art inferred monitor to be able to see what the naked eye cannot see!

For all our Race Fans planning on attending future races at Dog Hollow Speedway, be assured that the Pine Township Volunteer Fire Department will have this product amongst their fire fighting equipment!


Posted: August 25th 2017

Attention all Race Teams. After a complete and thorough review of each of our drivers earned points throughout the 2017 season, Track Promoter Dan Savino would like to officially congratulate all of our 2017 Points Champions!!!

***Congratulations to all of our 2017 Points Champions!!!***

***Super Late Model: Dave Blazavich***
***Crate Late Model: Clate Copeman***
***358 Semi Late: Dan Ferry Jr.***
***Super V6 Late Model: Levi Spinneweber***

***Pure Stock: Amber Mills***
***Four Cylinder: Jack Theys***