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Posted: June 15th 2017

Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce the following schedule for our upcoming Day of Destruction event on Saturday July 22nd: 

• Pit Gates open at 10am.
• Grandstands open at 11am.

• Truck Drags and ATV & UTV Drags start at 11am. Concluding at 2pm!
• Demolition Derby vehicle inspection starts at 2pm.
• 100 lap Enduro Race starts at 3pm.
• Demolition Derby starts at 6pm.

• General Admission All Day Pass – $20
• Seniors 60 & older All Day Pass – $15
• Students 13 – 17 All Day Pass – $10
• Kids 7 – 12 All Day Pass – $8
• Kids 6 & under – FREE

• Family Package –
Option #1 – (2 Adults, 3 Children 7-12) - $50
*Includes 3 hot-dogs & 3 drinks (Soda or Water)*
Option #2 - (2 Adults, 2 Children 7-12) - $45
*Includes 2 hot-dogs & 2 drinks (Soda or Water)*

• Pit Pass – $30
• Children’s Pit Pass (10 & Under) – $15
• Demo Derby Participants – $50 (Includes Pit Fee!)
• Enduro Participants – $60 (Includes Pit Fee!), Additional Rider – $45

*For those who do not wish to purchase an All Day Pass, regular Friday night prices will be in effect for each individual event!


Posted: June 15th 2017

Attention all of you crazy and fun loving Enduro Drivers! Due to this past Sunday’s rain-out of the Shawn “Sheetz” McGarvey Memorial, our first Enduro Race has been rescheduled to Monday July 3rd as part of the Independence Day Special: Sam Barley Memorial. Like in past Enduros, this race will also consist of 4, 6, & 8 Cylinders! If you are planning on racing in this Enduro, now is the time to Pre-Register. Due to this years new Enduro race format being based on car turn out, please be sure to fill out this form so we can have an idea as to which payout structure we will use. Your cooperation is highly appreciated!

*UPDATE* We would like to make some clarifications and info updates/reminders pertaining to our first Enduro Race of 2017.

1. The Enduro will take place at the end of the event’s feature races.

2. This years new Enduro race format pertains to the Enduro payouts based on car turn out.

3. Pre-Registering does not include your car number! It only guarantees you a position in the Enduro Race after the pill draw.

4. Car number and starting position will be determined by pill pull before the Enduro race.

5. Enduro drivers must designate a “Scorer” to mark their car’s laps during the race. It is highly recommended that your Scorer is at least 16 years of age. Scorers must be equipped with a clipboard and writing utensil (pen/pencil/marker). Scoring sheets will be provided to each Scorer before the start of the race. Clipboards and pens will be available to any Scorer that needs them. However, any clipboards and pens that are borrowed must be returned after the race!

6. Enduro drivers must bring paint for their car number! The doors (front doors on 4-door vehicles) will be used to paint the car number. Number must be a minimum of 18 inches tall. Must be painted on with bright contrasting color.

7. Enduro drivers are allowed two(2) spare tires in case of flats. If you have a rider, an area will be designated in the infield for tire changing. All others must be changed in the pits. Your rider is the designated tire changer!

8. If an Enduro event is rained out, your paid pre-registration will cover and carry over to any future Enduro events.

9. The Pre-Registration fee is $60. Cost for a rider is $45. Pre-Registration covers pit fee which includes pass for all the night’s racing events.

If you have any questions pertaining to this Enduro Race, you can refer to our Enduro Race Rules in the link below or you can contact Track Promoter Dan Savino at (814) 502-8898.

To view the Pre-Registration form, click on the link below!

To see our 2017 Enduro rules, click on the link below!


Posted: June 15th 2017

Track Promoter Dan Savino is informing all 358 Semi Late Model drivers who did not race on April 28th. You will be allowed to tag onto the rear of the field for the April 28th Makeup Feature Race! There will be a $50 fee for additional drivers to participate in the Makeup Feature Race along with your $30 Pit Admission. Pricing Breakdown: A regular evening Feature Race entry fee = $30. Makeup Feature Race entry fee = $30. Purse fee = $20. All total = $80. If you are not planning on participating as a tag on in the Makeup Feature Race, then your fee will be the regular $30 entry.


Posted: June 13th 2017

After a thorough review of the Marion Center Speedway Pure Stock rules, Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce that the MC Pure Stocks will be allowed to compete at Dog Hollow Speedway for payout and trophies only. No points will be given!

The following condition’s for the MC cars to run will be as follows:
• Cars must run a 500CFM Holley 2 Barrel Carburetor.
• Cars must weigh 3,250lbs with Driver after Feature Race (WITHOUT Triple Disc Clutch) OR 3,350lbs with Driver after Feature Race (WITH Triple Disc Clutch).
• Please Note: NO adjustable weight jacks will be allowed! Any cars that meet DHS specification will be permitted to run a 4 Barrel Carburetor but must also meet standard DHS weight rules.

If you have any questions pertaining to this post, please contact Dan Savino at
(814) 502-8898.


Posted: June 5th 2017

Attention all Enduro Racers. Mother-nature has been playing havoc with our racing schedule this year. To ensure that you are aware of this years Enduro Race dates, we have listed them below. Please be sure to mark these dates on your calendars:

• July 3rdSam Barley Memorial (Rescheudled Enduro from May 28th)
• July 22ndDay of Destruction
• October 7th - Halloween Madness | RAIN DATE: Oct. 21st


Posted: May 30th 2017

To all Pure Stock Drivers & Team Owners as well as our great racing fans! Dog Hollow Speedway Track Promoter Dan Savino and Track Owner Rick Jones of Roaring Knob Speedway are pleased to announce the creation of the North vs South Pure Stock Shootout Series! This series will be comprised of Pure Stocks running at both tracks on Friday and Saturday evenings that will involve a points system and monetary awards! The monetary awards will be given to the top 5 finishers to have the highest percentages of average finishes. First place will pay a $350, second place will pay $250, third place will pay $200, forth place will pay $125, & fifth place will pay $100. As a special bonus to the first place winner, two BRAND NEW tires will be given away! PLEASE NOTE: We will also be having a special race at the end of the season at both Dog Hollow Speedway on Friday night as well as Roaring Knob Speedway on Saturday night. Stay tuned as more information will be coming soon.



Posted: May 30th 2017

Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce starting this Friday June 2nd, we will be doing a four week preliminary test with the new 358 Semi Late Model class at Dog Hollow Speedway. This class will run on a regular basis for the next four weeks and if this shows growth in the class, we will run the 358 semi late models full time! However if there is minimal growth, we will go back to two weeks on and two weeks off. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dan Savino at (814) 502-8898.


Posted: May 12th 2017

To all of our Great Race Fans, Drivers, and Team Owners. Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce our newly updated schedule to cover the April 28th make up feature races as well as rescheduling the events of the past couple weeks.

April 28th’s Make-Up Features:
• Friday June 2nd will be a Double Feature for the Four Cylinders as the make up race.
• Friday June 9th will be a Double Feature for the Crate Late Models as the make up race.
• Friday June 16th will be a Double Feature for the 358 Semi Lates as the make up race.

The make-up Mothers Day Special will be held on Friday June 2nd. All Mothers $10-General Admission + Special Gift! Powder Puff Race, (Class – Pure Stock)

Tonight’s(5/12) Racesaver 305 Sprints Night has been rescheduled for Friday June 16th.

The Super V6 Late Models will be attending next weeks race on Friday May 19th and on July 3rd’s Independence Day Special/Sam Barley Memorial along with the 358 Semi Late Models.

For a list of all events, Click on the button below for our full 2017 race schedule:


Posted: May 2nd 2017

To all Pure Stock Drivers, Team Owners & Fans. “Over the past couple of years, Teching has been called into question at Dog Hollow Speedway especially when it pertains to the Pure Stocks. At the beginning of this year I announced that through a lot of hard work we have finally put together what I consider to be an A+ team when it comes to our Teching Department. Matt Fulton as the Director of Tech, John Eckenrod hired by Lias Tire to tech their C.A.R.S Series, and John Yasika working throughout our Tech Department.”

Below are the results from two of our Pure Stock Drivers:

Kyle Smith Jr. #42(Results as of 4/28): 355/cubic inch engine pumped, cam checked, and sealed: *LEGAL*

Brad Benton #51(Results as of 4/28): engine pumped, had technical issue pertaining to pump.
Engine was re-pumped on 5/2 shown to be 358/cubic inch, cam lift was LEGAL, teching done by John Eckenrod witnessed by Dan Savino, heads illegal (new 180cc heads ordered!)

“We will continue on a weekly basis to tech as many cars as possible to ensure that all cars are abiding by the rules.

Also on a side note: If any racer has any questions, comments or concerns, my phone number is always open and available. I would appreciate a phone call instead of writing garbage on Facebook before you have been informed. This will save a lot of apprehension & rumors that do nothing but create confusion and mistrust.”

- Dan Savino – (814) 502-8898