Attention all Excavating Contractors, General Contractors and Trucking Companies working in the Strongstown and Northern Cambria Area!

Posted: March. 19th 2015

Due to high demand for reserved parking at turn 4. Track Promoter Dan Savino is planning on expanding the parking area through turn 3. In order to be able to do this, we will need several 100 tons of Clean FREE Fill (Examples: concrete, asphalt, rock, and dirt are the excepted items for fill. NO environmentally hazardous fill!). To our great fans and drivers. This will be a challenging task, however knowing how dedicated you are to the track, I’m sure you will accept this challenge. Any input or questions pertaining to this project, please feel free to contact Dan. To make arrangements for dumping, please call Dan Savino at (814) 502-8898.

Attention all Crate Late Drivers and Enduro Racers!

Posted: March. 13th 2015

Our Spring Time Spectacular 30 Pre-Registration Form is now AVAILABLE for both CRATE LATE Drivers and ENDURO Racers who wish to pre-register for our Spring Time Spectacular 30 show on Saturday April 25th.

Spring Time Spectacular 30 Pre-Registration Form:CRATE LATE Drivers and ENDURO Racers

Also, we have added one rule to our 2015 Enduro Race Rules:“SPECIAL NOTE: Fire retardant jackets and gloves are required! (Preferably a one piece fire suit IF available).”

2015 Enduro Race Rules:

Attention all Diesel Truck Pullers!

Posted: Feb. 27th 2015

The Diesel Mania Pre-Registration Form is now AVAILABLE for any truck puller who wishes to pre-register for our Diesel Mania” at the Dog Pound show on Saturday May 9th.

Diesel Mania Pre-Registration Form:

Attention all Diesel Truck Pullers!

Posted: Feb. 17th 2015

Track promoter Dan Savino has made an addition to our Saturday May 9th Diesel Mania Show. A Diesel Parts Swap Meet will be held! Start gathering up those old parts out of your garage and take part in this great addition to our show!
NOTE: There will be NO extra charges pertaining to the swap meet.

Attention all Race Fans!

Posted: Feb. 12th 2015

Track Promotor Dan Savino is pleased to announce that the “Pennsylvania Mini Stocks” will be a part of our July 10th Friday Night Show! These wild looking Mustangs are very fast and they put on one heck of a show. Mark this special event on your calendar because this is one class that you definitively don’t want to miss!

Breaking News !

Posted: Feb. 3rd 2015

PLEASE NOTE: ”Diesel Mania” at the Dog Pound has been moved from Saturday May 16th to Saturday May 9th!

Attention all of you Diesel loving & smoke bellowing truck pullers!

Track Promoter Dan Savino at Dog Hollow Speedway is pleased to announce: “Diesel Mania” at the Dog Pound on Saturday May 9th!

Diesel Mania Logo

Preliminary Classes:

  1. Showroom (Gas)
  2. Street Legal (Gas)
  3. Stock Diesel
  4. Hot Diesel
  5. High Output (Gas & Diesel)
  6. Outlaw (Gas & Diesel)
Semi Classes:

  1. Stock
  2. Performance Street
  3. Super Stock

As a special bonus for this fun filled and exciting day, there will be Tug of War Contests through out the event!  


Also, for the first time in Central Pennsylvania, bragging rights will be tested with a special bonus feature at the Dog Pound. Central Pennsylvania’s first Dynamometer will be available to settle the score and see who really has the HORSEPOWER!


Portable Dyno supplied by:


122 Keystone Drive
Loretto, PA 15940

Please Note: More info pertaining to this event will be coming with in the following week.