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Posted: June 22th 2017

Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce that after discussions with the derby officials, the Day of Destruction has been officially rescheduled for next Saturday July 29th! The entire event itinerary will remain the same! See below for event details:

• Pit Gates open at 10am.
• Grandstands open at 11am.

• Truck Drags and ATV & UTV Drags start at 11am. Concluding at 2pm!
• Demolition Derby vehicle inspection starts at 2pm.
• 100 lap Enduro Race starts at 3pm.
• Demolition Derby starts at 6pm.

• General Admission All Day Pass – $20
• Seniors 60 & older All Day Pass – $15
• Students 13 – 17 All Day Pass – $10
• Kids 7 – 12 All Day Pass – $8
• Kids 6 & under – FREE

• Family Package –
Option #1 – (2 Adults, 3 Children 7-12) - $50
*Includes 3 hot-dogs & 3 drinks (Soda or Water)*
Option #2 - (2 Adults, 2 Children 7-12) - $45
*Includes 2 hot-dogs & 2 drinks (Soda or Water)*

• Pit Pass – $30
• Children’s Pit Pass (10 & Under) – $15
• Demo Derby Participants – $50 (Includes Pit Fee!)
• Enduro Participants – $60 (Includes Pit Fee!), Additional Rider – $45

*For those who do not wish to purchase an All Day Pass, regular Friday night prices will be in effect for each individual event!


Posted: July 19th 2017

Attention all classes running at Dog Hollow Speedway on a weekly basis! With a special emphasis pertaining to the Pure Stock class and Four Cylinder class!

“The time has come that I have had enough of the bickering, trash talking, and threats that have become more frequent during the 2017 Race Season! Right now I want to bring something to everyone’s attention and I am sure that the majority of our race teams very seldom look under our “Additional Rules” section on our website. At the beginning of 2017, we listed our “Driver Code of Conduct”. I know a few of our Drivers are aware of this and these are the Drivers that we have had no issues with. I highly suggest that every Driver in every class read these set of rules and regulations!

Social Media can be a great thing if used properly, but the garbage and misinformation that is being spewed is going to stop! In no way am I going to paint this with a broad brush because 95% of our Drivers who come to race at Dog Hollow are great and respectful people and truly show dedication to this sport. To the other 5%, this is your warning! Clean your act up and abide by these rules or you will be banned! I will not let a select few ruin the overall racing atmosphere at Dog Hollow Speedway. Dog Hollow exists to provide entertainment for the Fans and present a challenge to our Drivers on a weekly basis.

As I have always stated, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns my phone is always open! The badgering of Track Officials and Personnel will stop immediately! I do not believe in threats or intimidation. I personally love all of our classes and try to treat all of our classes equally. However if there is not a sign of improvement, I will be forced to eliminate the Pure Stock & Four Cylinder class! I have 5 other classes that would love to come to Dog Hollow with some averaging 20+ race vehicles. So Gentlemen, the onus is on your shoulders! Straighten up or I will be forced to take action!”
- Track Promoter Dan Savino: (814) 502-8898


Posted: July 17th 2017

To all Pure Stock Drivers, Team Owners, & Fans. Below are the results from this weekends Pure Stock Tech Inspection:

• Amber Mills #73*(Results as of 7/16): cam profile checked, engine pumped and sealed: *LEGAL*

• Brad Benton #51(Results as of 7/16): cam profile checked, engine pumped and sealed: *LEGAL*

• Adam Pletcher #13 (Results as of 7/16): Found to be running illegal heads: *DISQUALIFIED*

“We will continue on a weekly basis to tech as many cars as possible to ensure that all cars are abiding by the rules. If any racer has any questions, comments or concerns, my phone number is always open and available.”

- Dan Savino – (814) 502-8898


Posted: July 6th 2017

Attention all Race Fans, Drivers, & Team Owners! These 3 events have been rescheduled for the following new dates:

• Friday July 28th: 6 Lap Pure Stock Mechanics Race & the Kids Bike Races.
• Friday August 18th: 358 Semi Late Make-up Feature from 4/28.

If you have any questions pertaining to this announcement, please contact Dan Savino at 814-502-8898.


Posted: July 5th 2017

To all of the fantastic Race Fans, Drivers, & Team Owners of Dog Hollow Speedway as well as the Great Racing Community. Track Promoter Dan Savino would like to thank everyone for making the Independence Day Special / Sam Barley Memorial a super success! We look forward to continuing to put on great racing events and a great atmosphere throughout the rest of our 2017 race season at Dog Hollow Speedway!


Posted: July 1st 2017

Attention all Truck Pullers! Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce that Diesel Mania will be officially returning to Dog Hollow Speedway this year on Sunday August 6th! Please stay tuned as more information will be made available soon.



Posted: June 15th 2017

Track Promoter Dan Savino is informing all 358 Semi Late Model drivers who did not race on April 28th. You will be allowed to tag onto the rear of the field for the April 28th Makeup Feature Race! There will be a $50 fee for additional drivers to participate in the Makeup Feature Race along with your $30 Pit Admission. Pricing Breakdown: A regular evening Feature Race entry fee = $30. Makeup Feature Race entry fee = $30. Purse fee = $20. All total = $80. If you are not planning on participating as a tag on in the Makeup Feature Race, then your fee will be the regular $30 entry.


Posted: June 13th 2017

After a thorough review of the Marion Center Speedway Pure Stock rules, Track Promoter Dan Savino is pleased to announce that the MC Pure Stocks will be allowed to compete at Dog Hollow Speedway for payout and trophies only. No points will be given!

The following condition’s for the MC cars to run will be as follows:
• Cars must run a 500CFM Holley 2 Barrel Carburetor.
• Cars must weigh 3,250lbs with Driver after Feature Race (WITHOUT Triple Disc Clutch) OR 3,350lbs with Driver after Feature Race (WITH Triple Disc Clutch).
• Please Note: NO adjustable weight jacks will be allowed! Any cars that meet DHS specification will be permitted to run a 4 Barrel Carburetor but must also meet standard DHS weight rules.

If you have any questions pertaining to this post, please contact Dan Savino at
(814) 502-8898.